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  1. We supply garden type DIY sheds suitable for storage of garden tools and suchlike items.
  2. The sheds are featured on our website and are subject to availability.


  1. The sheds are available for viewing at 100 Heugh Road, Walmer, Port Elizabeth.
  2. It is advisable and important that prospective purchasers view the sheds at the above premises.


  1. Please see features on our website.
  2. Shed panels are manufactured with cream colour coated corrugated steel sheeting. The framework is hot dipped galvanized steel for a long-lasting life span. Corrosion and oxidization of the zinc coating on galvanised metals may appear after installation and rain but it will not affect the integrity of the steel.
  3. The sheds are not constructed or intended to be fully water and damp proof. Purchasers must take measures to prevent water and damp damage to items susceptible to water and damp damage such as storing such items in waterproof containers or taking additional measures to improve the water and damp proof sealing of the sheds. We do not undertake liability for weather damage to items stored in the sheds.


  1. The sheds come with installation and assembly instructions.
  2. Before purchasing and attempting installation and assembly, purchasers must familiarize themselves with the instructions available on our website.
  3. Although the sheds are DIY units, DIY experience and skills are required ranging from medium to advanced level.
  4. Two people are required to assemble and erect the smaller sheds. The assistance of a third person is required to place the four walls of the larger sheds into position. Before and thereafter two people will be sufficient.
  5. Care must be taken in regard to the surface on which the sheds are installed. The surface must be stable and level. Lawns, soil and other soft surfaces do not provide sufficient support.
  6. A concrete base with slab at least 8-10cm thick is recommended. Cement pavers also provide a suitable base. In the case of pavers, the outer two layers of paving should be cemented into the ground to provide sufficient support. The sheds must be anchored to the pavers.
  7. Take note of the detail and sizing contained in the installation and assembly instructions.
  8. The sheds must be so located that entry of water into the sheds and water running off the roof of the sheds do not pose a risk.


16. To avoid any accidental injury during installation and assembly, have regard to the safety gear recommended in the installation and assembly instructions. (Exposed sharp edges etc.)

  1. Please be sure the day you select for installation is calm and dry. Do not attempt to assemble your shed in windy weather because of risk of personal injury or damage to panels.


  1. We provide a three month warranty against defects in the manufacturing of materials used for the units.
  2. Our offices must be informed in writing of the details of any defect in the sheds within three days of the defect once removed out of packaging.
  3. We do not undertake liability for defects or consequences resulting from lack of skill in the assembly and installation of the product or improper installation or assembly.


  1. The sheds are not burglar and theft proof. We do not undertake liability for loss or damage due to burglary or theft.
  2. The sheds can be locked with a padlock.


  1. We may be able to assist with transport and delivery of the units. Please contact our offices to determine whether we are able to do so and for further details and quotes in this regard.
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